Spear Card: Your Business Card Organizer

Just a few weeks in, and 2023 is has already been an up and down year for so many people.  Some have dug in deep to their new year’s resolutions, while others have already dropped them.

For those resolving to be more organized, a great place to start is with the wallet, purse, or desk. One item that may be making that seem like a big chore is business cards.  These cards, hold necessary contact information… when you can find the one you looking for. Organizing business cards can be challenging and time consuming.  It’s like having the contacts in your phone individually written on separate prices of paper.

Imagine all those prices of paper all stuffed in your wallet, purse, or piled on your desk. I know you don’t want to input all that information from those business cards into your contacts, I don’t want to either.  In the spirit of organizing and decluttering, doing so would be beneficial in the long run if I did not expect to ever get another business card.  However, business contacts, and consequently business cards, are a constant flow in life.  New businesses start up.  Existing businesses close.  And, you find yourself in need of the service of businesses not previously needed.  That’s why you are managing so many cards to begin with.

Now, imagine all those business cards removed from the places they clutter, completely, yet still having quick access to ever one.  Managing business phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, and websites without having to do all the input.  That is exactly what I have been doing with a mobile app, Spear Card.  It is functional, beneficial, and handy business card organizer.

The functional aspect of Spear Card: you open the app, take pic of your business card, edit any information that wasn’t captured by the program, add a memo, scroll down and hit save… next business card, repeat. It’s that simple.  Wallet is thinner, purse has empty space, and desk has less clutter.

A beneficial part is that many businesses have put their card on the app for you.  These, you can scroll through, or search by key words, to find something you need.

The handy part of Spear Card is seen when two people using this app want to exchange constant info with each other.  Each one opens the app, each one displays their profile QR code, then they use the in-app QR code reader, and they instantly have the info exchanged.

Spear Card is useful for a range of people. From someone that has one business card saved for future reference, to someone that has a hundred business cards and references them daily.  And, as a bonus, you’ll be one step closer to meeting that new year’s resolution of being more organized.

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